Longeviti Plus Powder® is a multi-mineral/multi-vitamin powdered food supplement. Longeviti Plus® provides your body with the maximal combination of ingredients needed to facilitate healthy and progressive rejuvenation. Many of the ingredients provide nutrients to the friendly bacteria in the intestinal system. Other ingredients feed the vitally important mucosal cells. Longeviti Plus ® is also loaded with a multitude of powerful antioxidants and antioxidant precursors. Longeviti Plus® has been designed to Click To Order Onlineprovide the body with a synergistic blend of ultra-high quality ingredients. Longeviti Plus® is intended to be as hypoallergenic as possible. Eggs, wheat, milk, yeast, corn, artificial food colorings, additives, preservatives, artificial flavors and refined sugars have all been left out. These products can cause, and in some cases, have been shown to cause, allergic and intolerance symptoms.

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Longeviti Plus® is not a 100% catchall meal replacement that will do everything. What Longeviti Plus® does do is nourish. The logical question, then, is ‘what does it nourish’ and ‘how does it nourish.’

Bodies malfunction for two reasons; eating the wrong foods and a very weak digestive system. Longeviti Plus® addresses both of these issues. Longeviti Plus® is designed to provide basic vitamins and minerals along with adequate protein, carbohydrates and fats. It also contains very special ingredients that will assist in the nourishing and healing of the digestive system. The cells that line the digestive tract are the most critical to proper digestion and yet the first to be destroyed by toxins and waste that accumulate in our tract.

Longeviti Plus® can be consumed as a meal replacement when replacing a single meal daily. It is of greatest benefit when it is taken as a supplement with your meals. Longeviti Plus® includes as its primary sweetening source a patented product called EnergySmart®. EnergySmart® has been designed to address the specific concerns diabetics and all other individuals who are concerned about insulin levels and sugar absorption have. The fruit juices in EnergySmart® are a highly effective and well-balanced source of quick energy.

EnergySmart® contains specially developed complex carbohydrates derived from select grains, which provide up to 50% longer-lasting energy, as proven in independent testing.

EnergySmart® speeds post-exercise recovery by rapidly re-establishing the baseline level of blood glucose while also quickly replenishing minerals that were lost during exercise. EnergySmart® helps you lose weight. It keeps blood glucose levels above the fasting baseline. This process blocks the hunger response that is stimulated when blood glucose levels drop below baseline, as occurs following the consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners. EnergySmart® has a less severe glycemic effect than sucrose. It causes a slower rate of change in blood glucose and does not stimulate a hypoglycemic response. It has none of the laxative side effects or safety issues associated with polyols, nor the health and safety concerns of artificial, high-intensity sweeteners.

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Beta Carotene – Precursor of vitamin A and a very powerful antioxidant.

Biotin – Assists in the metabolism of fatty acids and utilization of B vitamins.

Calcium – Major constituent of bones and teeth, calcium is crucial for nerve conduction, muscle contraction, heartbeat, blood coagulation, the production of energy and maintenance of immune function.

Chromium – Assists in the metabolism of glucose and the regulation of insulin. Studies have shown that it may help decrease hunger and cravings.

Copper – Involved in the healing process. It is needed for healthy nerves and joints. It is necessary for the production of bone, hemoglobin, and red blood cells.

EnergySmart® – primary sweetening source. designed to address the specific concerns diabetics. contains specially developed complex carbohydrates derived from select grains, which provide up to 50% longer-lasting energy, as proven in independent testing. Keeps blood glucose levels above the fasting baseline. EnergySmart® has a less severe glycemic effect than sucrose.

Folic Acid – Participates in several important metabolic processes in the body, most importantly the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

Inulin – FOS derived from Jerusalem artichoke. Shown to be the favored food source of the mucosal cells in the colon.

Jerusalem Artichoke – Vegetable found to contain extremely high amounts of a substance called Fructooligosaccaride (FOS). FOS is a carbohydrate that humans can not digest. Digestable only by the friendly bacteria in our intestines.

L-cysteine – Contains sulfur in a form that is said to inactivate free radicals and thus protect and preserve cells. Precursor of glutathione, a tripeptide that claims to protect the body against various pollutants.

L-glutamine – Regulates protein synthesis, along with inhibiting protein degradation and stimulating glycogen synthesis. A nitrogen transporter that helps in the correction of acidosis, preserves blood pH, and stimulates the immune system.

L-glutathione – A tripeptide made up the amino acids gamma-glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. Used to prevent oxidative stress in most cells and helps to trap free radicals that can damage DNA and RNA.

Magnesium – Critical to the activation of nearly 100 enzymes. Assists both nerve and muscle function.

Manganese – Principal role is that of antioxidant and as such, may help protect humans from toxic oxygen forms.

Molybdenum – A trace mineral that is found in all tissues of the human body and is required for the activity of several enzymes.

N-acetylcysteine – Stable form of the amino acid L-cysteine Gamma oryzanol – Decreases fatty tissue, and performs as an anti-oxidant, neutralizing celldestroying
free radicals. Increases lean body mass.

Pantothenic Acid – Studies have shown that it decreases hunger and cravings. Aids in growth and development.

Phosphorus – Plays pivotal roles in the structure and function of the body. In the form of phosphate, essential for the process of bone mineralization and makes up the structure of bone

Potassium – Plays a major role in many of the most important functions of our bodies, such as muscle contraction, nerve conduction, the beating of the heart, production of energy and the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins.

Rice – A primary protein source as well as the primary carbohydrate and fat source. Rice products are still far less likely to cause unfavorable reactions in consumers.

Selenium – Functions as a powerful antioxidant that primarily inhibits the oxidation of fats. Selenium works synergistically with vitamin E in preventing certain tumors and the production of antibodies.

Sodium – Critical electrolyte needed to maintain electrical homeostasis. Plays a major role in many of the most important functions of our bodies, such as muscle contraction, nerve conduction, the beating of the heart, production of energy and the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins.

Soybean – Shares duties with rice as the primary provider of the free-form protein source.

Vitamin A – It promotes growth and repair of body tissue, bone, skin and hair.

Vitamin B1 – It aids in digestion of carbohydrates and is essential for normal function of heart, nerve and muscle tissue.

Vitamin B2 – Assists in production of healthy hair, skin, and nails. Alleviates eye fatigue and helps to burn carbohydrates, fat and protein. Helps regenerate antioxidants after they have neutralized free radicals.

Vitamin B3 – Extremely effective at lowering LDL and raising HDL. Promotes a healthy digestive system, decreases the severity of migraines, and increases circulation.

Vitamin B6 – Essential for metabolism of protein and functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamin B12 – Needed for formation of blood and nervous system.

Vitamin C – Powerful antioxidant. Promotes wound healing, decrease in inflammation, and may protect against cancer development.

Vitamin D – Assists in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Vitamin E – Powerful antioxidant. May protect against cancer development.

Vitamin K – Critical for normal blood clotting and may inhibit some cancerous growths.

Zinc – Powerful antioxidant. Essential for almost 100 enzymes used in digestion, metabolism, wound healing and reproduction. A principle protector of the immune system and a major disease fighter.